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If your family needs help exploring senior care options, our expert Advisors are a wonderful source of information with a wealth of experience. Your local Senior Care Authority office, serving Gulf Coast Region, is here to help. Should you need assistance outside of this area, we have franchises located throughout the United States and Canada and would be happy to direct you to services in your area.

David Johnson Owner and Senior Care Specialist/South Alabama

David Johnson’s background and experience in healthcare management for over 30 years have positioned him perfectly for the senior care industry with Senior Care Authority. For the past 30 years, David has worked with providers, purchasers and enrollees to implement innovative delivery and acquisition models designed to produce a higher level of care and value for all involved. He combines his compassion for people and his knowledge of all aspects of healthcare delivery to generate solutions for individuals who are seeking an improved quality of life. Johnson adds, “My previous business experience, as well as personal experiences with family members who were overwhelmed with emotions and the need to make crucial life-changing decisions without adequate information, convinced me that I can and should serve my community in this capacity." As owner of Senior Care Authority in the Gulf Coast Region, David serves communities in South Alabama and Northern Florida.
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Laura Cassell Senior Care Specialist/Florida

Laura Cassell has been working in the Aging Services industry for almost 7 years. She credits her time spent with her grandma for her love of working with seniors. Laura truly has a unique passion for helping families understand their options for their loved ones and this passion drives her to be the best at what she does. Laura states, “I knew from a young age that I loved being around senior adults, I just didn’t realize until recently that it could become a career for me. Knowing that I get to help families and their loved ones find a suitable home that meets their financial goals as well as their care needs is extremely rewarding and meaningful to me. I am blessed to get to know the clients I work for and grateful that they allow me into their lives during such a critical time.” Laura is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Gerontology at the University of South Florida and is excited about the knowledge she is gaining and how that will benefit her clients and enhance her role as senior care specialist for Senior Care Authority/Florida Panhandle.

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The Senior Care Authority-Gulf Coast Region Team

David Johnson - Owner and Senior Care Specialist/South Alabama
Leigh Johnson - Owner and Marketing Coordinator
Laura Cassell - Senior Care Specialist/Florida Panhandle
David Andersen - IT Specialist


Senior Care Authority was founded in 2009 by Frank and Michele Samson of Sonoma, California. They opened a local placement agency and learned everything there was to know about finding the right care situation for an older adult needing help with activities of daily living. They came to the Senior Care space with successful business development skills in their past as well as personal family experience finding care solutions. The business took off, primarily due to their diligence, compassion, and commitment to helping families.

​In 2014, the model was franchised and Senior Care Authority is now a national company with offices throughout the US and Canada. As part of their expansion, they partnered with an eldercare consulting practice who brought another set of senior care services and skills to the company, a great differentiator for Senior Care Authority.

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